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Matthew Morgan

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The owner of Austin Custom Builders LLC, Matthew, is a proud sponsor of Gay Bowl Austin. He became a member of the Austin Texas Gay Flag Football League (ATXGFL) in their inaugural season and immediately recognized the significance of this league. As a way to support and foster inclusivity in sports, Matthew's company has been a steadfast sponsor for every season of the ATXGFL. Matthew's involvement with the ATXGFL goes beyond sponsorship. He has actively contributed to the league's operations and management. Initially, Matthew served on the board as the rules and officiating director, ensuring a fair and smooth playing experience for all participants. However, his dedication and passion for the ATXGFL prompted him to take on a greater leadership role With the assistance of Emmanuel Winston, Matthew played an instrumental role in putting together and presenting the bid to secure Austin as the host city for Gay Bowl, a national championship tournament for LGBTQ+ flag football teams. This effort demonstrated Matthew's commitment to showcasing the vibrant and inclusive nature of Austin and providing a memorable experience for all Gay Bowl participants.


Melvin Lopez


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My name is Melvin Lopez, and I am a Texas native who avidly enjoys to live, laugh, and love. I have lived in Austin for over 10 years, and have been a part of ATXGFL (Austin's Queer and Allies Flag Football organization) since Fall of 2018. I have had the privilege of traveling with several Austin travel teams to in New York’s 2019 Gay Bowl and Pride Bowl in 2022. Recently, I have joined PART - an organization dedicated to organizing Austin's first Gay Bowl flag football tournament in 2024 and supporting local Queer+ initiatives. I volunteered for this position due to my professional experience, my involvement in ATXGFL flag football, and my desire to giveback  to the community that empowers me. I am extremely excited to collaborate with a wonderful group of individuals and groups to deliver an extraordinary Gay Bowl in 2024.



Johann Shudlick

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Johann is currently employed as the Chief Operating Officer at Golden, a leading volunteer management software company. Prior to joining Golden, Johann built an impressive career spanning fifteen years at Goldman Sachs, followed by a tenure at Bridgewater Associates. Subsequently, he became a pivotal member of the founding team of Pond, assuming the role of Chief Operating Officer. Pond is a digital marketplace designed to empower nonprofits by granting them access to essential tools and resources to enhance their impact. Johann's educational background is equally notable. He graduated with honors, cum laude, from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, earning degrees in Finance and Management. Outside of his professional endeavors, Johann actively contributes to various organizations. He serves on the Board of Directors. Finance Requires Effective Education and holds the position of Board Treasurer for the Austin Gay Flag Football League. In the past, Johann held the prestigious position of President of the Board of Directors for the New York City LGBTQ Center. Residing in East Austin, Johann and his husband Rey proudly share their home with nearly 300 plants, including pothos, ivies, and monsteras, affectionately referring to themselves as "plant co-daddies." Johann's career achievements, educational background, and active involvement in nonprofit organizations and LGBTQ+ community initiatives highlight his commitment to making a positive impact in both professional and personal spheres.

Cody Farris


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Cody Farris quickly became an active member of the Austin Texas Gay Flag Football League (ATXGFL) upon moving to Austin in 2018. Throughout the last eight seasons, he has participated in numerous capacities, including playing on travel teams, captaining, and serving as the Fields and Equipment Director on the ATXGFL board. Alongside his sports involvement, Cody is a software developer at Austin Energy, where he contributes to energy efficiency and grid reliability projects. Cody's dedication to the ATXGFL is evident through his multifaceted contributions. From his role as a trusted team captain to his commitment as the Fields and Equipment Director, he consistently strives to enhance the league's success. Professionally, Cody's work at Austin Energy highlights his passion for promoting sustainable energy practices and improving grid reliability. With his skills as a software developer, Cody actively contributes to shaping a greener and more efficient future.


Michael John Montelongo



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Co-owner of The Gaygency, Michael John Montelongo "MJ" is a proud sponsor of Gay Bowl Austin 2024 and leading the charge for all of Gay Bowls graphic designs (All PART events and Gay Bowl) as well as website design, video production and social media accounts. Michael is a 2023 Texas Regional Emmy nominated Producer for the Documentary "MAXEY". He has been a member of the ATXGFL since the fall of 2018 and a previous member of the NYGFL as well as Bostons FLAG Flag football league. Throughout his membership within the ATXGFL, he has played a pivotal role in various capacities, demonstrating his commitment to the league and his dedication to its mission. MJ first served as a valued member of the Culture and Retention Sub-committee, where he has actively contributed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment within the league. His efforts have been instrumental in fostering a sense of community among ATXGFL members and ensuring that everyone feels valued and supported. During the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020, MJ stepped up and joined the board of directors as the Promotions Director. In this role, he worked tirelessly to adapt and find innovative ways to promote the league and engage its members amidst the restrictions and uncertainties posed by the pandemic. One of Mike's standout contributions to the ATXGFL has been his exceptional talent in videography. He has generously shared his skills and expertise to produce captivating and thrilling content for both the league and its travel teams. Through his videography, he has been able to showcase the excitement and passion of the sport, while also capturing the spirit of camaraderie among the players. In June 2023, Mike achieved a significant milestone in his career when he received an Emmy nomination for his remarkable work as a director of the documentary "MAXEY." This prestigious recognition affirmed his exceptional talent and demonstrated his ability to create compelling and impactful films. Not only is MJ dedicated to his work within the ATXGFL, but his company, Wanderlust Media Group, also has a strong commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. As a demonstration of this commitment, Wanderlust Media Group will be sponsoring the Gay Bowl Austin 2024 by providing its creative services. This partnership will undoubtedly further enhance the event and contribute to its success. Mike's passion and expertise have earned him a position on the Board of Directors of PART, where he serves as the Sponsorship and Marketing Director. In this role, he plays a crucial part in securing valuable sponsorships and implementing effective marketing strategies for the organization. Through his multifaceted contributions and unwavering dedication, Mike John has significantly contributed to the growth and success of the ATXGFL and the LGBTQ+ community at large. His remarkable achievements and ongoing commitment continue to inspire and uplift those around him, ensuring a bright future for the league and its members.


Alan Tran


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As a founding board member, Alan Tran has been actively involved in various aspects of the organization and the expansion of ATXGFL (Austin Texas Gay Flag Football League) since its establishment in January 2018. Alan served as the initial Social Director for ATXGFL. In this role, he planned and organized social events and established a structure for the league for its future endeavors. These events provided an opportunity for league members to connect and network and foster a sense of community and camaraderie among the participants. Apart from his involvement in the administrative side of the organization, Alan has actively participated in multiple seasons of flag football. Tran has not only showcased his passion for the sport but also inspired others to be more involved with the league. Alan also made contributions to the management of various travel teams associated with ATXGFL. His experience, knowledge, and dedication assisted in the smooth functioning of these teams during their travels and competitions. Tran's dedication and contributions in the growth and success of ATXGFL has led him to be the Director of Planning and Events for Gay Bowl 2024, where he will continue to foster a sense of community in the LGBTQIA+ at large.

April Romero Brown


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Casey Haney


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